Q1 What makes Vivekananda Yoga Program™ so different from other yoga practices?

Q2 Where are the Instructors’ Training Courses for Vivekananda Yoga Global™ being conducted?

Q3 What are the criteria for acceptance to your certification courses?

Q4 I am currently a yoga teacher. How do I know if I am qualified for the conversion course to become a Vivekananda Yoga Instructor?

Q5 How do we apply and implement Vivekananda Yoga Program™ at our Facilities?

Q6 Where can I find a Vivekananda Yoga class to attend?

Q7 I have diabetes. Is it costly and time-consuming to attend your programs that offer therapy for Diabetes?

Q8 I am a yoga instructor with certificate issued by S-VYASA. Does that make me a Vivekananda Yoga Instructor?

Q9 What does it mean to be a Vivekananda Yoga Instructor?

Q10 What are the supports available to Vivekananda Yoga Instructor?