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Vivekananda Yoga Global™ offers the widest range of yoga programs in the world from general practices geared to achieve and maintain positive health, to treating and managing ailments and illnesses. We promote original yoga, and the effectiveness of our yoga in achieving various health benefits is time tested and backed by scientific research.

Let us know your place of residence, and we will advise you on the nearest location where you can attend the training. We are also working with various partners to coordinate courses at major cities around the world. For those who wish to have an early access to our courses, we strongly encourage you to attend your desired course at our headquarters in Bangalore (India), which we have regular schedules and full infrastructure.

We offer a wide range of certification courses from FULL COURSES that include Yoga Instructor Course, Yoga Instructor Therapy Course, to SHORT COURSES that include VY[+] Students™, VY[+] Urban Dwellers™, VY[C] SMET™, VY[T] SDM™ and many more. For our full yoga courses, no yoga training background is required. Our short courses are meant for those who are already certified yoga teachers. Please submit your duly completed application form together with scanned copies of all your relevant certificates. We will confirm your entry within three working days.

Those who already possess a yoga teacher training certificate are quite certain to be qualified for our conversion course. Just email us a scanned copy of your certificate(s) at instructor@vivekanandayoga.com. We’ll validate your certificate and confirm your acceptance.

Please drop us an email at franchisee@vivekanandayoga.com. Tell us about your company and the VY programs that you wish to implement at your facility. Our supports to our franchisees include locating and supplying VY instructors if required, sending our trainer to train your instructors, or arranging for training at an appropriate venue. We will also send you more information about our franchisee packages. Only centers/facilities that are licensed by VYG are eligible to offer the VY programs at their premises and bear our trademarks.

Let us know your location and we will advise you on the nearest venue where you can enjoy our program. Alternatively, you may visit our website to select the center or instructor of your preference and contact them directly for further enquiries. Please note that we recognize only the centers and instructors listed on our global website.

Our yoga therapy for diabetes is relatively affordable when compared to the annual cost of medical treatment, and it also safe. Participants take part in ten sessions of yoga (which include theory), and subsequently, they should be able to practice it on their own. Depending on your area and whether the session is conducted in a small group or on a one-to-one basis, a typical therapeutic yoga session costs between US$80-US$160.

To be a Vivekananda Yoga Instructor, you are required to sign up as one of our Instructor Members, which requires a token monthly membership fee.

Being a Vivekananda Yoga Instructor means being a member of Vivekananda Yoga Global’s teaching network. You will bear our trademarks and you will be able to teach VY Programs as a career and be engaged by our franchisees for your service. Your future prospects and participants will be more confident when they are aware that they are learning from instructors who have high standards and bear our trademarks. Please check out the list of places where you can facilitate your yoga lessons on the “Instructor Membership Page”.

Vivekananda Yoga Instructors are assured of continuing education and skill-sharpening, receiving regular updates on our new developments, and being provided with basic administration and marketing supports. There will also be discounts for attendance of our future courses and events, and also on any purchase of our products and services, such as publications, applications and so on. All our instructor members will also be listed on our global website.