A meeting was organized among the members of the VYASA and PHDCCI to promote health through the dimensions...


A meeting was organized among the members of the VYASA and PHDCCI to promote health through the dimensions of Naturopathy, Ayurveda and Yoga. On behalf of PHDCCI council the members present were Ranjeet Chaturvedi (Executive Director), Saurab Satyal and Shabnam Pareek. The VYASA representatives were lead by Dr. H.R. Nagendra (Chancellor VYASA) and with him was Dr. Manjunath Sharma (MD, VHG
The primary focus of the meeting was to prepare a yearly vision document where there the links of the two organizations are used as a medium to promote ‘health through yoga’ around the world.

PHDCCI representative Mr. Ranjeet Chaturvedi was found saying that ‘we are trying to take the message of Government (especially AYUSH) to the industry’. Adding to it, he expressed his interest in creating a new MOU between the two organizations (PHDCCI and VYASA), Africa is their prime focus for business development, and they would like to offer health benefits of Yoga to the African community.

Dr. Manjunath expresses his idea on making “Yoga as a socially relevant science”. He also, said that Dr. Nagendra’s vision was the basis of formation of AYUSH ministry. Dr. Manjunath expressed that they are looking forward to a comprehensive MOU where they have something to offer to each country. Precisely stating Dr. Manjunath quoted that “yoga has a multi-domain implementation in our language”.

Mr. Vivek Sehgal (Ayush) said that they have created a separate committee for promotion of Ayush ministry at the consumer or patient level. They found that the co-existence of allopathic and other natural medicine systems difficult, so they have placed a request for separate cambers of Ayush department in each hospital in 2013. He also provided an overview of some research getting done at Ayush office (D-block), Janakpuri & MDNIY, where they are trying to merge yoga culture with corporate culture. He also said that they are planning to come up with a weekly yoga session at PHDCCI and wish that the VYASA experts guide them with the implementation.

Around the closure a pact was signed between the two organizations to mark the beginning of their relationship. The document was signed on January 5, 2017 and so was the date for the meeting between the two organizations.

A memento was presented to Dr.H.R.Nagendra on behalf of PHDDCI committee by Mr.Saurabh Sanyal and Mr. Ranjeet Chaturvedi.

A discussion was conducted at the end where the need for a joint event was expressed. The event will be conducted in the month of April or May 2017. And it is expected that Mr. Narendra Modi along with many other dignitaries will be present at the event.