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WHY A VIVEKANANDA YOGA GLOBAL™ FRANCHISE? - Being part of the Vivekananda Yoga Global™ franchise...


  • – Being part of the Vivekananda Yoga Global™ franchise network means that you gain:
  • – Benefit from the eminent reputation of a global yoga brand (S-VYASA), which has over 30 years of experience in the field of yoga scientific research, education and therapy
  • – Access to over 30 quality Yoga programs, and Ayurveda and Naturopathy therapy programs
  • – Permission to display our trademarks
  • – Access to our pool of yoga instructors and educators
  • – Access to our pool of specialists from various professional fields for consultation
  • – Our marketing support
  • – Complete technical know-how including the standard operation procedures, information on basic standards required etc.
  • – Eligibility to conduct a wide range of instructor trainings at your facility
  • – Access to our operation manuals and administrative supportive
  • – Permission to sell our products or develop your own products authorized by us

If you are individual(s) who plan to start up a yoga or wellness business from scratch, our franchise model offers great opportunity without high capital outlay, potentially reduces your start up risk, and serves as a stringboard to your success.

If your facility is in the business of providing yoga, healthcare, fitness or other wellness programs and services, and you’d like to expand your participation base and your scope of services, our franchise model could well serve your business objectives.

In short, our franchise system offers flexibility that allows business owners and start-ups to buy into our brand at a level that fits their business objective and budget. It is efficient, offers cost-effective entry price and provides growth opportunities.

How do you generate revenue as a Franchisee?

As you can see from the list of our programs and services, we offer a wide range of Yoga programs, and other value-added services that are readily available for your implementation at your branch.

If you are interested in our franchise, please complete the Inquiry Form here and we will get back within a week.

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