self management of excessive tension

Self Management of Excessive Tension

We live in modern world with an acceleratingpace​ of life than ever before. It’s no surprise that stress, anxiety and fatigue are all coming to the fore. However, negative emotions don’t just tickle down, they can also manifest themselves on the body in the form of high blood pressure, Heart disease, Obesity and Diabetes. 

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High Blood Pressure

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Heart Disease





Stress is a challenge to the natural homeostasis of an organism; in turn, the organism may react to stress by producing a physiological response to regain equilibrium lost by the impact of the stress. 

A growing number of studies conducted at S-VYASA indicate that Yoga may be a beneficial treatment for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. Increasing demands in workplace, family commitment and trying to juggle too is not only putting a greater strain on our bodies but is also knocking our mental wellbeing out of sync. “As a direct result of an increase in technology in our lives, we’re seeing a rise in negative stress condition.

Stress management solutions are therefore essential to manage the negative impact and protocols such as the unique SMET program put a greater focus on breathing exercises in treatment, as breathing deeply helps slow down the heart rate, reduce the thought process and balance your inner energy.


This technique involves simple and effective practice of Cyclic meditation. It relieves stress and induces deep sleep and relaxation. It is based on the principle of stimulation and relaxation. This special technique involves a series of  relaxation practices with physical postures which takes an individual to deeper level of relaxation leading to decreased thought process.

There are proven results that, this meditation can reduce the number of hours needed in order to feel rejuvenated.

Benefits of this Practice :


  1. This meditation for 25 mins, give much more rest than 6 hours of sleep
  2. Reduces Metabolic Rate by slowing the breath
  3. Deep relaxation to all parts of the body
  4. Helps in promotion of Positive Health

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