YICC: Opens up my mind to the vast knowledge about human existence through its Yoga Philosophy; such that it doesn’t just benefit physically but emotionally, intellectually, mentally and spiritually as well.
YTCC: A more in depth and broad study and appreciation of Yoga to diseases that is totally natural and sustainable to one’s health. Acquiring this Certificate makes one truly motivated and skilled to help suffering humans in need.
Carmen Teo

I truly acknowledge Manoj and Shivani Thakur, Whose commitment and dedication to bringing this program to Singapore, and sharing the teachings of Dr. Nagendra, has inspired so many individuals such as me to make a positive difference in this world through their own teachings and examples. I look forward to share the gifts I have received as a result of YICC to many others yet to come on this journey.
Eileen M. Lynch
YICC Batch ……/ February 2010

The content of YICC at Vyasa Yoga Singapore is more intensive and practical. I liked the philosophy a lot. It really gave me a new perspective in life. The teacher Mr. Manoj is fantastic. He is approachable and friendly. He allows students to discuss and ask questions. This makes the class more interesting and livelier. His nice persona makes the lessons less stressful and so we can learn more. I also like flexibility in making up for lessons; if we could not make it for scheduled one.
Desmond Lim
YICC 2014

The content of YICC at Vyasa Yoga was very interesting. It expanded my knowledge about Yoga for the theory part; I thought the cleansing techniques were interesting to know about. The Course gave me a whole concept of Yoga Theory and Practice. I met interesting people at the Centre where I could share the same interest about Yoga. The teacher is very supportive and friendly that makes it easier to learn and get the confidence to teach. He is really good and always opens for explanations during the whole Course.
Evelyne Pocock

The class offered deep understanding in Yoga philosophy, which was very good. Manoj helped us to understand meaning of Yoga; I especially enjoyed the theory class. I am glad that I have been able to deepen my understanding in Yoga Philosophy, Kriya, and Meditation and so on.
Miyo Aoshima
YICC 2014

My recent participation in Yoga Teacher’s Training Course (YICC) has been a very enriching and useful experience. I found the approach to be holistic as it not only focussed on the Asanas, but enunciated the concept of yoga, including practical demonstrations, theme based assignments and report preparation. I personally found it to be an eye opener as it helped me to better understand the perception of yoga and in general the enormous advantages it holds for one to lead a composed and guarded way of life. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Vyasa School for their efforts in organising and facilitating such Yoga courses.
Ramam Akkipeddi

YICC at Vyasa Yoga is very well organised. Key components were covered and emphasize was given to the essence of Yoga! Manoj ji is a wonderful teacher who puts us all at ease. The entire Course is conducted in a very simple and straightforward manner. Things are done pretty systematically. A wonderful learning experience, I love the philosophy and the changes it has brought into my life!
Sellam Rajandran
YICC 2014

YICC: Through the YICC I learned so much more about Yoga, not only the physical benefits, but the whole concept of yoga, the mental benefits and much more.
YTCC: Yoga Therapy was new to me. Learning to apply Asanas – Pranayama – Meditation to improve a patient’s health, teaching and seeing the improvements has been an exciting experience.

Yoga is not only talking about flexibility of body, it involves Pranayama, mind…Hot Yoga that is not Yoga, it is exercise! This is what Manoj told me during the day I came to get more information about YICC. Manoj is a very great Yoga teacher. He is so confident to his teaching and philosophy of Yoga. He is patient to answer your question. I have never regretted to know him. Ms. Shivani is another great Yoga teacher. She teaches the 8 steps teaching method to conduct the practical class. It is really fun and I can easily understand the Asana movement, mistake, benefit and limitations and correction. I gained a lot of knowledge and confidence of doing postures from her class.
Gan Kian Ong
June 2012

YICC course
This course means a lot for me. I can say that it changed my life. I have not been practicing yoga for long time as I have not a lot of time for myself. But I got the opportunity to join the batch number 195 and I enjoyed it very much. First classes were a bit stressful for me as I had to leave my kids with a babysitter for the very first time. But they were ok and I could start to relax.
I found out that I could not relax at all. I was not able to focus on yoga and my mind kept wondering around and I was creating shopping lists, cooking plans and weekend plans in my head. When I started the second week of YICC I could already notice some changes in my thinking. I was able to sit down and be present at the moment at least for some time.
As the YICC continued my ability to relax improved and I felt big changes in my life. I do not need so much sleep, 6-7 hours are enough. I have no cravings for sweets. I lost weight. I feel energized and happy. I am more emotionally stable. I noticed a big improvement in my flexibility and I feel more self confident. My health problem – diastasis recti abdominis – which is separation of abdominal muscles has improved so much that i need NO operation any more.
Thank you SVYASA !!!

Respected Didi,
I jayesh Khemka had visited VYASA from 8 Nov 2013 to 15 Nov 2013 with an sever complain of sleep apniya. I used to wake up 4 – 5 times a night. During this week I had practiced all the programme of your and was able to sleep whole night without waking up a single time on the fifth day itself. After coming back to Mumbai also I am doing my Pranayam regularly and am having no complaints yet. I sincerely thank you and your team for your efforts and guidance. After some time I shall be doing my sleep study again and shall keep you updated.
Thanking you once again.
Jayesh Khemka

I am thankful to Guru Manoj ji from whom I have learnt the essence of Yoga. He has been my teacher, mentor and a compelling motivator throughout my course and later too. He has always been there to answer all my questions and clear all my doubts.
Rajashree Viswanathan
(YICC Batch 170/ March 2011

The 120 hours is an important component of Vyasa training. The comprehensive theory and practical classes prior to this extensive practicum provided a very firm foundation for me to, firstly understand and appreciate the true meaning of Yoga and it’s applications and then to be able to share this beautiful message to others who are in pursuit of this joy.
Siva Gopal
YICC Batch 169/April 2011

Thanks to our Master Manoj Thakur for endless answers, discussions, and guidance on our path to becoming yoga teachers. His knowledge is vast and I hope one day to be dedicated and learned as him.
Sue Flotow

Starting my journey last year with YICC, it gave me the theoretical as well as practical foundation leading into my yoga practice and teaching today, including Pranayama, Asanas and relaxation techniques. I have very much enjoyed having Manoj as a teacher and being part of the Vyasa family. However, 1.5 years down the road I felt it was time to go deeper and that is why I joined in May YTCC. It is a truly fantastic program giving us the adequate background information connecting yoga with medical knowledge. I am very happy that I made this step forward to deepen my understanding and knowledge of yoga.

I enjoyed wide range of Asana and Pranayam techniques covered in these courses. We were well drilled on the teachings steps, which I found very systematic and effective. I also appreciated the sample class schemes, which we were encouraged to modify and expand on to suit our own teaching. To better benefit from the course, students should have prior Yoga practice or teaching experience.
Yang Kian Seck