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Yoga Workshops

VYG also offers Short-term Therapy Courses

If you are already a certified yoga instructor or therapist, and you wish to expand your knowledge, skills and job scope, you may consider signing up for these courses:

• VY[T] SDM™ (Stop Diabetes Movement)
• VY[T] CaCOP™ (Cancer Control Program)
• VY[T] ObCOP™ (Obesity Control Program)
VY[T] DeCOP™ (Depression Control Program)

VY[+]™ Instructor

If you are already a Yoga Instructor and possess certification from Vivekananda yoga global or S-VYASA, you may wish to consider expanding your offerings to your existing and future students by signing up for our Individual Short-Term VY[+]™ Certification Courses:

VY[+] Students™
VY[+] Children™
VY[+] Kids™

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VY[C]™ Instructor

VY[C]™ stands for Vivekananda Yoga for Corporates. As stress and tension are commonly experienced in a workplace, VY[C]™ is specially designed to provide corporate executives with the tool to lower their stress level and to become healthier and happier selves. To the corporates, it means achieving a productive workforce. 

Despite the program categorization, VY[C]™ is suitable for everyone!

If you are already a certified yoga instructor, you can sign up for our VY[C]™ Program.


VY[A]™ Instructor

There are a total of 7 Advance techniques under the VY[A]™ Programs:

• CM™ (Cyclic Meditation)
• PET™ (Pranic Energisation Technique)
• MSRT™ (Mind Sound Resonance Technique)
• MEMT™ (Mastering the Emotions Technique)
• MIRT™ (Mind Imagery Technique)
• VISAK™ (Vijnana Sadhana Kausala)
• ANAMS™ (Anandamrita Sincana)


You may sign up for each of these certification courses individually. Upon successful completion of each course, you will be officially known as a VY[A]™ Instructor of that particular program along with all other VY Programs for which you are certified.

Note: The Techniques, MEMT™ (Mastering the Emotions Technique), MIRT™ (Mind Imagery Technique), VISAK™ (Vijnana Sadhana Kausala), ANAMS™ (Anandamrita Sincana) Will be available to only those who have finished YTIC, as deep understanding of specific ailments and their conditions are a pre-requisite for these.


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