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About Us

The BIRTH of Vivekananda Yoga Program® is attributed to a team of dedicated people from S-VYASA. They have been adopting the most original forms of yoga, customized them for a practice that will achieve various positive health objectives. The effectiveness of all of VY programs has been validated through the western science testing methodology. The success comes from years of in-house research and also through their cooperative research with many credible universities and research centers around the world over the past three decades.

Behind Vivekananda Yoga Program®  is its wide-scope and depth of learning; thus it is suitable for practice by ALL!

Now it is time for Vyasa Health Care (VHC) to share these scientifically proven yoga practices with everyone for better health and enjoyment!

Our Vision

To compliment the traditional knowledge of yoga with scientific evidence to make Yoga a socially relevant science

Our Mission

To provide quality preventive and therapeutic care to the society addressing the rise in the global need for alternative natural care therapies To provide professional training programs and foster global entrepreneurship in the field of yoga.

Why choose us?

VYASA HealthCare with its brand Vivekananda Yoga Global® is an industry partner for S-VYASA

S-VYASA, Bengaluru validates ancient knowledge of Yoga through its Anvesana Research laboratories. The Integrative research facility combines psychophysiology, cognitive neuroscience, molecular biology, psychology with explorative methodology including subtle energy.

Vivekananda Yoga Global provides evidence-based functionally integrated holistic health healing through its Yoga based services

With over 30 years of research, VYASA & S-VYASA are contributing in making the Alternative medical systems, a socially relevant science

Developed systematically, the Vivekananda Yoga Program® has been refined over three decades. Its benefits have been scientifically proven and are well-documented in reputable books and peer-reviewed
International Journals.