Live Well- Through Holistic Healing 'Complimenting Tradition with Science' At Vivekananda Yoga Global,...

Vivekananda Yoga Global Trivandrum – Kerala

Live Well- Through Holistic Healing ‘Complimenting Tradition with Science’

At Vivekananda Yoga Global, the health care needs catered to the society is created from decades of experience of treating a range of non-communicable diseases at VYASA, Bengaluru supported by scientific evidence using the principles of integrative medicine and holistic healing methods. It is supported by the research conducted at the SVYASA University (premier yoga university) at Bengaluru. The services will be based on three major areas of Preventive Health Care, Disease Management, and Rehabilitation

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A-27, Opp Shri Thikurshi’s Home, Jawahar Nagar,Trivandrum – 695003. Email: trvpm@vivekanandayoga.com
Ph: +91 8304800020 / 471-2310020